Certified Commercial Locksmith


We take care of every kind of issue related to locks and keys. We make sure you and your belongings are safe. We offer services for any kind of business, whether it's a large company or just a small house. The services that we offer come at quite reasonable rates, and the services are of top class quality to make sure that our customers don't ever get a chance to complain. Our major services include:

Installation of new locks with higher security – Whether it's your office or home, we give you the best locks so that you don't have to compromise with security.

Repairing old locks of any type or make – We repair old damaged locks and open them for you just in a few hours.

Installation of keyless access control systems – Locks are problematic to many because keys can be easily lost. Order us to replace your old locks with keyless access mechanisms and never bother about keys again.

Intercom Services – We have also upgraded our services to installing intercoms which increase your security level and makes you safer.

Special Electronic Safes – We specialize in electronic safes with added security which will remain totally unbreakable even in times of attack.

Servicing – We employ highly trained professionals who are experts in servicing of any kind of locking mechanisms.

New keys for old locks – We can get you fast duplicates for the keys to your old locks.